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Screwing a shrink, how honest is that

Fatty Game - Screwing a shrink, how crazy is that - Screwing a shrink, how honest is that

This big, beautiful, nice moms has never been to a shrink. Look at her, she's walking health! Still, such was her task. It's great she met this really young guy fresh out of college. As she was bullshitting him on his couch about some imaginary problems she had never had, her skirt mysteriously hiked itself up really high. Next thing you know, the shrink had his fingers deep in the hungry slit. One thing led to another, and soon he was slamming his rod all the way into her love tunnel from behind. A cum shower on big boobs in the end, and this story deserves to be in a self-help book!

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

Help me out, coach

Fatty Game - Help me out, coach - Help me out, coach

No, her mission wasn't losing weight, god forbid. Her mission was to do a coach, and this rubber ball just helps her keep fit and stay flexible and fuckable. The girl ordered a private workout with a fitness coach she had known from before. As he was showing her the moves, she made sure his hands were in the right places. Soon her mouth was in the right place as well, attractive his fully solid pecker. Queer as they were, they worked out unclothed for a while. After that, it was sweat and sex and sperm all over the place and all over her super huge, super sweltering natural tits.

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

Get lost, bitch, give way to fatty

Fatty Game - Get lost, bitch, give way to fatty - Get lost, bitch, give way to fatty

This walking piece of carrot sex has probably the most challenging mission ever. This time we wanted her to meet a couple, get rid of the fellow and fuck the dude. Tough shit, huh? No rest for the wicked though. She played her cards right with the first couple she saw. Pretending to be an ripe friend, she took the yuppie away for some random reason, and he played along. At her place, there was wine and an asset-exposing dress. After a few drinks our girl shed her clothes, revealed those mountains of sex-craving flesh, and got the guy's thick shaft from behind. Well done, you couple breaker!

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

Business stud gets double fun

Fatty Game - Business student gets double fun - Business stud gets double fun

This blonde cutie has got enough emotional flesh just about anywhere. That day, we had her on a mission to find a stud in a business class ride, blow him in that ride and get him to the apartment for more sex. Double BBW impact, right? She loved her task, and boy, the student she met loved it twice as much. Watch the curvy bombshell blow the dude's boner right in the car – not letting him sperm though. She totally saved his load for later, and it only made it bigger. Watch as she pleases him with her heavy soft jugs and enjoys his ramrod cutting through her like a effervescent knife through butter!

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

Geography teacher gets explored

Fatty Game - Geography teacher gets explored - Geography teacher gets explored

This geography teacher can make you forget the names of all continents with her cuteness and sex appeal! Today, we put her on a mission to hump her student. At first she kinda backed off, but as soon as she got the yuppie in and turned her charms on, we thought, hey, that was too easy. This young dude was a total BBW guy. As soon as she had her hand on his crotch, he was done. Watch them take things slow and sensual as the chap explores her alluring mounds of excited flesh, pokes her hungry hole and cums really fast, right on her belly. This delicious meaty hole just milked him!

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

Servicing a lucky customer

Fatty Game - Servicing a lucky customer - Servicing a lucky customer

This effervescent raven-haired fattie literally fills the cubicle with her sex appeal. On a mission to make the first customer to walk in happy, she's a bit nervous at first. A yuppie comes in, apparently with a complaint of some sort. A perfect start! Willing to please in every possible way, our agitated plumper gets on her knees and fills her mouth with her favorite kind of beef. The guy is shocked a bit, but soon he's already covering her endless body with kisses and getting down and dirty with her on the floor. After the lucky dude shoots on her massive rack, she does not feel like getting dressed at all. Maybe nudity will be her office dress code from now on?

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

Pleasing cock, not entrancing pictures

Fatty Game - Delightsome cock, not pleasing pictures - Pleasing cock, not entrancing pictures

This heavy slut was told to go to a photo studio and do a photographer. Fat and naughty as she is, she was sly enough to do the perfect arrangement. She had promised the stud lots of dough for a ridiculously easy job, so he was really hooked. Well, he had every reason to be! Check out her fashionably late arrival, the stud was amazed to see this much horny flesh work its way through his door! Then, she started working her magic. First the fellow had his hand on her super heavy boobs, and next thing he knew, the bombshell was fucking him into the beautiful hardwood studio floor. Well done!

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

Doing that spicy dishwasher fellow

Fatty Game - Doing that horny dishwasher guy - Doing that spicy dishwasher fellow

This chubby cutie had her first mission for us, and guess what it was? Pretend your dishwasher breaks down, call the service shop, and whoever comes to check, fuck him. Guess she wasn't extremely happy with the task at first, the silly hottie probably planned to fuck someone higher class! Even better, more fun making the girl do it! Pretty soon she was delightful the guy's massive boner up her delightful plump pussy, getting sperm on her humongous melons – and finally having the dishwasher fixed after all that! Poor guy, she totally wore him out.

Fatty Game – Full Videos Inside

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Fatty Game - Full Videos Inside